My aims

Research communication plays a key role in every scientific field, now more than ever. By the way, its importance is often underestimated because the meaning and validity of a scientific discovery should be completely independent from how it is exposed or explained, but yet the value of a scientific work is evaluated in terms of "impact factor" within the scientific community. The more a work is read, understood and used to conduct further research, the greater its scientific contribution is. In this context, visual communications is certainly an essential tool for quickly, appealing and effectively express a concept, enhancing its value. Thanks to my education and 10 years of research activity, I'm able to follow scientists’ needs. Alongside scientific learning, I developed many computer-graphic skills such as image restyling, 3D-animation and web design. Registration to the Biotechnologist Register of ANBI (Italian Association of Biotechnology), guarantees my customers an abiding Professional Ethics of Biotechnologist rules. I am a scientist with graphic knowledge and prowess that can help researchers in the communication of their concepts, ensuring that the message rightness is kept in the utmost integrity.


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