Consulting activity

We offer support during the diverse phases of the generation of your composition: numerous competences are necessary to realize a graphic design that distinguish and complete the scientific research communication, spanning from artistic sense to the knowledge of the graphic design language. Even the most expert user barely holds all these features to the best level, our task is to understand your competences and fill the necessary ones, by shaping our technical advice to your needs, thus enabling you to exploit them concretely. We can intervene during the first steps, so to set together the guidelines to follow during the realization process: from the choice of the program required, to the design of the most functional layout and the identification of the critical points of your message. In this way, we take together all the required elements to be considered in order to optimize the workflow, to maximize time and effort spent and to avoid detrimental communicative mistakes. During the working phases, our support can mutate in a tempestive intervention, helping you to solve critical situations when you clash hard difficulties related to technical or time related issues. Eventually, at the end of the project, we can provide you a comprehensive evaluation of what we realized together, enlightening the criticisms of the conveyed message, giving you the invaluable point of view of an external interlocutor with a different professional opinion.

If, in any of these moments, you feel the need for precise graphic design tools , you can ask for a free estimate for our ingenious service.


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