About us

What we offer

Research dissemination, within the scientific community, is an increasingly important task, since it allows to empower your job not only to a national but also international level, leading to decisive occupational and economic repercussions. In fact, the skills required for communication lie outside the ones acquired from the canonical educational path. Visual communication is an essential tool to deliver a message in a swift, efficient and qualifying manner, especially in a highly complex and specialized field as the scientific one. We are professionals able to translate the scientific message by turning it in an immediately comprehensive and impactful style, during this process, we guarantee the sensitivity and confidentiality of managed data.

What moves us

The functionality of the visual message goes far beyond the mere aesthetic aspect: the informative purpose lays at the bottom of a complex and highly specialized field, as the scientific one, mostly in international contexts where we are evaluated uniquely based on what we and how we express from strangers and potential collaborators. A different culture or specialization can be the cause of misunderstandings, often not fully perceived due to the absence of an open debate; graphic design communication not only assists professionals in delivering the message but also to underlie the expertise hiding backside each word.


We are always opened and sympathetic to new collaboration proposals: mail us, we will be enthusiastic to read and take your proposes into consideration!!